Sunday, August 28, 2011

Floral dresses in fall?

      Hey Readers!

      I wanted to do a post today on floral dresses in fall, and if they work. I received an email with some fashion questions that I wanted to answer right away so, Amber, this is for you!

      The answer is: it is totally okay to wear floral dresses in fall. While they are not my particular favorite for fall I still do wear them! There are defiantly ways you can bring more fall trends to the dresses too. For example a brown or deep camel colored jacket over the floral dress, or a simple blazer. This jacket is from Forever 21.

I hope you will try to work some floral dresses into your fall wardrobe! 

xoxo J

Friday, August 26, 2011


   On this blog I will post all kinds of beauty and fashion related posts. I am not able to film a video everyday for youtube (though I would like to) so this blog will help me share more beauty and fashion tips with you guys as well as some other stuff that I'll write about too. Feel free to request videos and reply to my posts. Thanks so much for subscribing and checking out my blog.

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