Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween... + Contest


Quick Question:
What are you being for Halloween?

There have been some really great costumes and tutorials this year!

Contest: I would like to feature one of YOU youtubers or bloggers on Halloween Tutorials. 

Please in the comments leave a link to your video or post on your halloween look!

My Favorite Halloween Hair:

I saw this on the beauty department  and I am loving it! Fun Frizz... 

My Favorite Makeup:

This girl is great! I love the makeup!

Although my absolute favorite is:

Michelle Phan's Forest Fairy. Gorgeous, right? 

I'm definitely feeling the green for Halloween.

Forest Fairy, Poison Ivy something like that. (:

And Nails:

I love candy corn nails or orange with designs on every finger. I like to do bats, plaid print, vampire teeth, etc.

Picture From Here

Get into the spirit for Halloween and go all out! 

And if your all dressed up with no where to go, film a makeup tutorial on how you did it! 

For all you makeup girls this is the night of the year you can do WHATEVER you want and get super creative! 



Update + New Schedule

Hey Guys,

I know it's been a while since my last video or blog post but I've been really busy. I think that's all about to change though. I'm hoping to do 3 videos a week along with a blog post every other day (not including days that I put a video up.)

So a week might look like this:

Monday: Video (no blog)
Tuesday: Blog post
Wednesday: Blog Post
Thursday: Video (no blog)
Friday: Blog post
Saturday: Blog post
Sunday: Video (no blog)

I'm posting my regular blog post after this one so look out for that!