Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cute and Cozy Fall Coats

Hey Girls,

This week we've had a little summer weather, but those crisp fall days are right around the corner. For those of you who don't like the cold, don't frown! There are some amazing coats out there for this season! My favorite? A scarlet peacoat. Oh my gosh, just typing it gives me tingles (: . I've had my eye on a few from Delia's (BTW 20% off right now!) and Victoria's Secret. Although, I am in love with my camel colored trench coat. 

For 2011 Neutral coats are still in: grays, camels and navies, so that your coat goes with almost all outfits. If you would rather go for a bolder statement and a pop of color (see what I did there? :), go for a red or burgundy coat. 

Here are some great picks:


In Navy


More Budget Friendly:

(Though I personally think that coats are where you should spend a little more, you don't want to be cold because of a cheap coat.)


Victoria's Secret:

(This is my favorite) 

Isn't it gorgeous? 

It's on sale! $99.00 (From $129.00) 

Extra Tip: You should probably make sure that there is a hood on that new coat!

Happy Coat Shopping!

Comment Question: What's your favorite fall color?

xoxo summerbrunette17 


  1. I have a red jacket just like the one in the pic and have gotten so many compliments!

  2. @JennaRaeXoXo Thanks for commenting! Red is the perfect color for jackets. It's semi versatile with a POP of color. It's also very holiday and cheery (: