Monday, December 19, 2011

Another this or that tag...

I saw a quick little tag and thought I'd do it!

Coke or Pepsi? I don't drink dark colas really at all but I pick coke. I like orange soda, it reminds me of summer! 

Ice cream or frozen yogurt? I know that frozen yogurt is better for you but I just love ice cream!

Clothes or makeup? I love, love clothes- but I feel more glamorous in sweatpants and great makeup than a dress and no makeup.

Hairspray or frizz lotion? Frizz lotion. It just works, it tames my hair! Hairspray just holds my curls, frizz lotion makes my hair look good for whatever style. 

T.V or book? I love T.V because I can multi-task. Right now I'm watching ugly betty (one of my favorites, all you fashionistas would love it!), writing this blog and doing math homework.

Pool or beach? I love the ocean! The smells, the sounds- everything! Although I am definatley more of a fresh water person. I know how weird that sounds but I love lakes and stuff!

Water or soda? Water, my typical day would consist of 4-5 glasses of water, green tea, sometimes eggnog (for the holiday season), and a glass of milk.

Sandals or boots? Though I love my boots in the colder months, I am definatley a summer kind of girl ( summerbrunette), I love sandals! 

Purse or backpack? When given a choice of "a" or "b" I always pick "c" ahah. I carry a tote bag with all my daily neceseties and my school stuff. It's kind of too much to carry a school bag and a purse and I can't fit everything in just a purse. (Watch my what's in my back to school bag here)

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Complicated answer. Books: Team Edward. Movies: In the middle.  Team Robert or Taylor: I used to be Taylor but I'm actually more on the Robert side now(; 

Mall or online shopping? I love, love, LOVE online shopping! I don't have my license so I don't get to the mall very much so online shopping is my holy grail. 

Tennis or soccer? Tennis. When we play soccer in my gym class I either a) hit someone in the face on accident, b) get hit in the face or c) slip and fall. It's awful. I'm alright at tennis though.

MAC or Maybelline? Before you jump on me for loving MAC hear me out. Not only do they have amazing products in SO many colors and types they are animal friendly. Something very important to me. MAC does not test on animals. Maybelline does. Don't believe me? Look here

Have an awesome day and leave this TAG in a response!

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