Friday, November 18, 2011

When to wash clothes...

Hey Everyone!

You probably read the title of this blog post and are thinking: Ew gross, you should always wash your clothes! 

Don't worry guys, this is researched stuff I'm blogging. Certified true. 
There are a few exceptions to these rules (guidelines is probably a better word), like if you work out and get sweaty in the clothes, if they have stains, if they have actual dirt on them (or any kind of grossness). 

How often to wash your...

T-Shirts + Tank Tops

After every wear.

They are close to the skin and absorb sweat and oil so it's good to wash them more frequently than other garments. 

Tops + Dresses + Sweaters

After 2-3 wears.

These garments are looser fitting and typically don't get as dirty. 

Jeans + Pants

After 4-5 wears.

First off jeans are very durable to dirt and grime. Secondly if you wash them too much their color will fade. 


After 4-5 wears.

Same as pants, sometimes even longer when they're loose and flowy.


After 3-4 wears.

There are some exceptions to this rule; if you shower before you sleep (1-2 more wears) or they are silk (wash them after every use).

Jackets + Blazers

After 6-8 wears.

Usually very durable and don't come in direct contact with the skin. These garments you usually have to wash the least.

Swimwear + Underwear + Socks

After every wear. 

These garments you have to be the most strict about, wash frequently. 

Other Rules

1. If it's white wash it after every wash.

2. If the garments has been worn for 4 hours or less it is okay to count as a non-wear (give it an extra day)

3. Special occasion wear should be washed after every wear. You don't want the stains to set between months.

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